Ice Cream: More than just a tasty treat!

Providing regular snacks for the duration of the day can help to aid the hydrational and dietary wishes of these living in elderly care settings. During the Summer months, ice cream can also already be a pass-to snack in your private home. But have you ever ever taken into consideration the additional advantages of serving ice cream to your citizens?


During the pandemic, the significance of hygiene have become greater crucial than ever in all walks of life, particularly in elderly care settings.

Offering in my opinion wrapped ice creams reduces the need to over-deal with meals, substantially reducing hygiene dangers. The Solero, Cornetto and Feast are all personally wrapped making them an appropriate choice in your citizens.

Calories and hydration

20% of care domestic residents suffer from malnutrition which can be related to weight reduction, dietary deficiencies, not on time wound healing and an improved hazard of infection.

Offering higher-calorie snacks may also assist to save you malnutrition. Many Wall’s amazing ice lotions are richer in energy than different ice cream brands, delivering each dietary and hydrational blessings.

Happy reminiscences

Wall’s has an excellent one hundred years of background! There’s an amazing chance that some of the Wall’s manufacturers will evoke memories to your citizens.

Spread a few happiness in your property, and inspire your citizens to re-light memories of beyond summers as they devour and enjoy ice cream.

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